I was working in WL 12 when all of a sudden WL started installing WL 10?

Yesterday I was working in WL 12 when I saw my computer installing WL 10. WL 10 was not on my computer nor was the installer for WL 10. A very odd occurance. Anyone else have something like this happen???

I always uninstall the previous version of WL once all the “kinks” are out of the current version (just in case) so WL 10 was uninstalled when I installed WL 11. This reinstallation seem weird to say the least.

Weird and no clue!

What do you exactly saw?

I was working in WL 12 (most current version). I was doing some restoration work and all of a sudden I see a announcement that WL 10 is currently being installed and a few minutes later the WL 10 icon shows up on my taskbar. I clicked on the icon and WL 10 opens up after checking for plugins. I am on a Windows 10 computer and there was no WL 10 installer on my computer. Weird is correct. Is this something that you have witnessed ???

Thanks for the reply.

Somehow, you must have a WaveLab 10 installer on your Windows system, and for some unknown reason, it was started (not by WaveLab 12, which is impossible). However, you should receive the administrator warning that occurs whenever any installer is launched (not only WaveLab), requesting confirmation for the installation. Did you see it? If not, this is concerning, and you should ensure that administrator access control is enabled on your computer (it is ON by default).

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THANKS!!! I will check that…

There was NO Wavelab 10 installer on my computer…FWIW I did an exhaustive search for that installer.

But do you see one WaveLab 10 installed?
Do you see C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\

Yes and I can run audio through it.

This is really weird…


What is the date of the folder
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\

This is the date when WaveLab 10 was effectively installed.

The date is 1-1-24 and the version is 10.0.70.