I went a little GaGa today...

No, I didn’t all-of-a-sudden become a Lady GaGa fan… :laughing:

But I did give Steinberg some more cash. I bought Halion Sonic, Padsshop Pro, and Dark Planet. I also bought the Halion One Synthesizer Soundset (had a helluva time finding a HalionOne download…get it together Steinberg!) and the Zero Gravity soundset for Padshop Pro. Lots of new sounds.

Damn G.A.S…

There’s Helge’s bonus cheque!

GAS envy here :imp:


Thank the maker!!!

Steve Jobs? :laughing:

It sounds like you nearly bought the Absolute VST bundle. I have had my eye on that for a little while.

BUY NOW ! ! !

They just got me for the Retrologue “Vintage Classics” … :mrgreen: