I will come back, hopefully soon

After numerous problems with e-licenser/Dorico/Cubase, I decided to delete them all and reinstall.
I am so fed up after 2 years of Steinberg, all I want is to reinstall Dorico, and export all my scores to Overture 5, XML.
I just installed Dorico and e-licenser comes with it, I don´t need the rest, (sounds, Cubase etc.)
BUT after re-installing just Dorico, the only thing that opens as admin is the e-licenser, blank, zero options to input any activation…
Thanks in advance.

Dorico won´t open either , not even as admin, or to give me a chance to “reactivate”.

OK, so after numerous tries I finally rebooted and could open both, only as admin.
I will patiently export all my scores to Overture5 and continue there. Sorry, Steinberg, Dorico was a nice toy for me for the last 2 years, but the number of hours wasted with these issues is way over the top.
I will come back someday if you can provide a simple, user-friendly experience.
That is exactly what I get now from Overture5, plus an awsome loop function, plus an integrated suite with a cool (simple), Dwa, and a flawless XML import (it even imports all my hard-worked fingerings from Dorico).
I don´t want to be too cruel, just hope Steinberg finally listens to the endless complaints, especially regarding the e-licenser nightmare. I would love to come back, but to be honest, I think it will take a long time.
Allt he best ansd u all stay healthy.

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I think they have listened to the feedback on the eLicensor, and by indications it’ll be here by the end of the year. Sorry for your trouble otherwise.


Concha, thank you for the description of your terrible problems with the eLicenser and your honest decision to switch to another program.
Could you do us a little favour to remove the word HELP from the title of this thread - as it could mislead people into thinking, you are looking for help?
Thank you - and hopefully we will see you back again at some point :slight_smile:


I fear you may be back with Dorico sooner than you think. Enjoy Overture --I agree that it presents a nice friendly user experience but I suspect when you encounter the bugs you may no longer find it to be the answer to all your dreams. But you’ve obviously had a bad time with eLicenser and with luck it will be history if and when you consider returning to these shores. I had in fact considered upgrading to Overture 5 from 4 but in the end am glad I chose the path I did.

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