I will never know why you had to ruin such a good program.

I am talking about version 9.5. It was good. (Maybe not so fast as version 6.5 was, in the sense of snappiness)

…but it was good. It was working. It was importing correctly. It wasn’t suddenly disappearing.

You were going to put some new things on top of it. But it’s ruined.

Thank you human beings. Once again, mission accomplished.

“once again”? Then, why did it work before?

Running 10.5.5 here - no problems.

Works fine here just the same as all the last versions

You mean just vanishing, and your desktop re-appearing? If you want solutions it would be best to give more information. Step-by step reproductions. Videos. Crash logs etc

Or you can just whine. FWIW, even though C6.5 was a very good version, however there were continual complaints about it’s stability, bugs, etc. It may be frustrating, but C10.5 plus earlier versions have generally worked very well for myself.