I will pay someone if they fix this!

I CANNOT get Cubase and Reason to use the same soundard.

Im trying to use rewire

So Reason was working fine in demo mode with Rewire in Cubase 8.

My soundcard works fine with cubase.

It initially works fine with Reason stand alone.

When I go to open Rewire it says my Soundcard is not working.

Before I open Rewire, the Audio section in preferences is fine and there is a green tick next to my soundcard.

After Rewire, the Audio section is just grey with some jumbled letters placed over each other stating its using ASIO. I cannot change this

I have purchased a new pc and have uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Still the same issue.

If someone can help, I will pay for the service as Propellorhead support SUCK. Its been months now.

Thanks for your time guys.

Cubase 8. Win 8. 500gb HD. CuSteinberg. UR242 64bit ( Reason and Cubase )

Have you tried opening things in a different order?