I wish I could just reset to an empty measure

I am in a pickle because I have been editing for a while now on this xml transfer only to learn about that rest durations/rest visibility option in the preferences. I could start over but then I have to redo all this work. I have tried the start voice/end voice trick but I am not having much success with this. Worse off, its apart of this graphic notation style so its particularly complicated to figure out. Anyone have any ideas on how to reset to a normal empty measure?

As it’s an XML import, those might all be explicit rests - you can select rests and press Delete to turn explicit rests into implicit ones, and you can also show rest colors to check what the situation is.

If you don’t want to see bar rests in any empty bars, there’s a layout option for that.

Don’t forget there is also a dedicated command to “remove rests” which can take care of situations like this. It handles all the note on/off properties for you. It’s one of Dorico’s most useful features.

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