I wonder two things


My name is Per and i come from Sweden and i have a Cubase studio
with a RME - AIO sound card. I wonder two things and the first thing
i wonder is what is the problem when my piano plug seems easily
to drown in the drum sound. The piano plug doesnt drown in the
drum sound completely but in every song i do many piano tones
and chords drown in the drum sound. What do you think is the problem

with this. Do you think that my RME - AIO sound card is half broken
or do you think that i need some sort of plug like iZotope RX 8 standard
with the function music rebalance. Or do you think some other
type of plug can fix this maybe some sort of mixing plug. I have
had with the same sound card that i have now some other sort of problem
and i dont know if the problem has went away or if its still there.

This the other problem i have im not completely sure if its gone
but the first problem i have is left. And the other problem is like this.
When i tried before to comlete a new song from the beginning
many, many midi tracks went good with the song but not
all of them some tracks were bad because the piano chords in them sounded bad
and some chords i couldnt get ever to sound good even if i played the track with
the same chords and tones once again many times over. Even some tones i couldnt ever get

to sound good even if i edited them the best i could. So thats the two things
or problems you could say that i wonder about. Do you think that i have to
buy a new RME - AIO sound card to fix the problems or do you think that
i need some sort of plug like the iZotope RX 8 standard or maybe some other plug

Is there anyway you can add screenshots or even video. I’m struggling to work out what you mean. So is the piano louder than drums. Not sure what you mean by when you say drowning the drums as surely that’s a matter of setting levels right and changing eq so they fit together. The audio interface should be fine unless faulty. What are you hearing? Do you get click cracks and pops? Is the sound breaking up? If so have you tried changing the buffers? What are they now? Do you have a pc or a Mac. If so what are the specifications?