I wonder what version C7 update Steinberg are working on

We all know that Steinberg are working a couple or if not more updates in advance I wonder if .5 has already been finished and is just sitting there on the shelve till a certain "sell by " date .

What do you recon ?

yep I recon so - they do keep me on my toes! I have noticed that they chuck things at you - all of a sudden! hopefully 7.5 is next after the H5/HS2 update. free of course!

Hmmm HS2 … Sounds like a goverment project. :laughing:

Whatever version, I should not be a paid upgrade, after all we are the C7 beta testers.

Agreed. When C6 came out, it was much more solid than C7. Like others have stated, I’ve never had to roll back after an update so many times.

Does it really matter what the vers # is?

Beta testers for what exactly? Please explain.

Aloha G,

My guess is it’s still 7.0.6 because Helge said this:

The characters will be replaced by graphic Icons in 7.0.6.




Cubase 7.0.6 will provide improved UAD compatibility.



Work Flow for the new mixer, command keys and mouse actions for one instance.

Response of diverse Graphic redraws (again in the mixer) with different specs. You can found a lot of people getting the mixer unstable, showing cropped information or just don’t working.

Those -among with others things- are the work of the beta testers, don’t the paid costumers.

Sorry, but your logic is flawed. Dont get me wrong - I am no fanboy of SB, but to say that we are all beta testers, implies that they are looking to do something else with Cubase, and in the meantime, are having paying customers work out the kinks before they do. No. Sorry.

Gosh, I didn’t know beta testers “worked out the kinks.” :mrgreen: I thought they just tested for issues/bugs/workflow?

You know what I meant.

In the end Isn’t important if my logic is wrong, or yours are. C7 isn’t a Rock Solid DAW (as was 5, or 6 or 6.5), I don’t mean bug free, nothing is bug free, but there are several people who just can’t work with C7 because the kind of errors it has.

If SB ships now a new “paid” upgrade, they will tell us “C7 is fine”, and it isn’t.

I disagree with this , if you look at the date of realise on the Cubase info it gives you the completion date , so that means the .------ is sitting being tested for xxx amount of time before realise which means Steinberg must be working on another update , how many updates do they have sitting on the test bench , they know which direction they are heading (sort of )so I think they have quite a few updates started already and just add to them as they go IMO


When a developer tosses out a new version prematurely with huge changes such as a mix console, and it has more and deeper problems than previous versions, and paying users instantly realize these bugs within minutes of using the new version, and then report them to the developer, I would say I’m an unofficial beta tester.

Why does beta testing according to your definition mean “doing something else with Cubase and in the meantime are having paying customers work out the kinks before they do ?” I thought beta testers were people who with permission from the developer, tested the application and hopefully pushed it to it’s limits.

After reading your post I agree.