I wonder why, in Nuendo, sessions (Atmos) don't open with their own audio connection settings

I wonder why, in Nuendo, sessions don’t open with their own audio connection settings. I’m in 7.1.4 Atmos projects, but I need to go for a ride in stereo for stereo parts. Back in the 7.1.4 session, everything is dead. I load my 7.1.4 configuration and everything is disconnected. I have to redo everything manually. Why does this happen?

You should maybe specify in the thread title that it’s about Atmos. I don’t have the problems you describe in projects that are not Atmos.

You’re right, it’s done. Do you have this problem with Atmos?

I don’t work in Atmos so unfortunately I can’t help.

Just out of curiosity - what are you referring to that’s being disconnected? Is it the assignments of beds and objects in the renderer or are you talking about routing tracks?

Are we talking about the assignments in the audio connections? We don’t have any problems there. Normally the connections are saved with the project. If nothing changes in the hardware, the assignments remain.
I tested this once more: I opened a stereo project with a stereo bus and then an Atmos project with a 9.1.6 bus. Everything happens automatically.

Routing in the Studio. As soon as I change the configuration of my Appolo x 16, say from Atmos to Stereo, everything gets lost. I’ll try to clarify below. But I need to do a few tests to get my facts straight.

After a few tests and readings, I understand that it’s my audio interface (UAD Apollo X16), according to its configuration, that gives the I/O to the audio connections window in Nuendo. So, if I change the interface configuration, Nuendo can’t find its way around, and everything has to be redone. The best thing to do, then, is to set up an all-purpose configuration scheme (in this case, Stereo and 7.1.4) in the interface and never touch it. Then it’s a matter of finding an all-purpose configuration scheme in Nuendo, or at least one that takes into account the one in the interface. That’s what I did tonight. And it all works. I could do some more tests, but I’m more interested in working on my mixes! It works, so I’m not touching it anymore!

That said, I don’t know how it’s going to work with my Pro Tools sessions… we’ll see!

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