I would do one change on the rhythmic grid IMHO

Regarding the rhythmic grid. I love it except one small change I would maybe like to see implemented. I would like to see that when you take the mouse and double click on an empty measure to enter write input mode it will immediately go to the first third or fourth etc but never the second beat or beat division. While this would make it only slightly more difficult to get to beat two or its division on the grid it will eliminate the problematic aspect of accidentally starting on the second beat or division while still not forcing a change of the grid to halfzees or wholes. What do you think?

There it is for what its worth.

I think this would be pretty annoying, myself! Why would you want to actively prevent somebody from starting input on the second beat of the bar? I think to more or less everybody this would feel like a bug, not a feature.

I’m afraid I have to agree with Daniel! Unless you are doing waltzes or marches all the time, this could become a big issue in a hurry for a lot of people. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to nudge yourself over one beat after clicking into a measure. Alternatively, if you are only clicking into downbeats, you can always change your rhythmic grid to a larger value which will make it much easier to click into the beat you want. (Half notes in 4/4 for instance)

One thing that really helped me to speed up my work was to reassign keyboard shortcuts to shorten and lengthen the grid resolution (keys 1 and 2). Now I change it in a glitch and find myself using this a lot (a the mouse much less).

Yes, I would also prefer to be able to start input wherever I want, not only on beat 1!

Yeah I get it… but I think it should be easier to guarantee you are going into the first beat without thinking too much. I try to avoid this whenever possible. Shift double click into the measure always will start beat one perhaps… right now you have to aim or highlight the rest and then hit enter. No biggie but given that the majority of the time you will be starting beat one I would like that… maybe a keystroke I can design. I have accidentally started on the second beat one too many times is all. Go Dorico!

I will do this… this is a good idea.

I would quite like an option for the number keys (note length) to set the grid continuously. This would make rhythms with different lengthed rests much quicker to input.

+1 for Marc. Shortcuts are crucial for this.
alt[ and alt] for me.

This is a good idea. The same numbers could set note value for input and note value for the grid, and a modifier key could choose which one you were setting.