I would like the stop and play from selection button stay

in the upper right corner of the I find a reduced play controler field. currently only with the play and the reset button.

Since I do need them even more often, I would like also the “stopbutton” and the “play from selection button” at least likewise in this corner of the UI constantly present without the necessity always to open the transportwindow for them and bringing it aggain in the foreground whenever I changed anything in the score.

Clicking that Play button a second time pauses the playback. Clicking it again after that continues playing from the stopped position.


In some ways Dorico has superior Transport control to that of Sibelius.

If you’re as comfortable with the (QWERTY) keyboard as with the mouse, which applies to the Transport controls at top right (it can be detached and a fuller version instantiated as a floating window), then these Keyboard Shortcuts might help:

  • • the Num Keypad + . takes the playback head to the start of the piece
    Shift + Space takes the playback head to the last start position which you used or set, and plays from there
    P takes the playback head to the currently selected note or item, and plays from there

Good luck!

Yes, Sibelius is even a bit more tedious in this aspect. (Not to mention other notation software)
and You definitly contributed some very interesting hints.

When concentrating on a certain passages in question I nevertheless, always liked the function to start from a selected note (Sibelius has it in a submenu) and Dorico in the additional transportwindow.

Imho this function is that useful, that I would like to have it as easy available as the normal transportfuntions are already.


I apologize for not having understood you - I don’t think; or perhaps I didn’t explain well what I meant.

In Dorico 1.1, you can select a note (it turns orange); or barline etc.

Always thereafter, ‘P’ will start playback from that note.

But you want it in the actual Transport window, I suspect?

Sibelius has similar shortcuts to play from last position, go to start, etc. To replay from the last spot as list time it’s ctrl-space (command-space on mac); not especially tedious.

However. you cannot just select a group of instruments and push p to get just those staves to sound like in Sibelius–you need to use Dorico’s mixer for that and individually solo (and later un-solo) the instruments. If you want to concentrate on Winds, for example, you just select the place you want start on the winds staves and push p. With Dorico, you need to select a note as a start point, open the mixer, solo just the winds instruments, move the mixer out of the way, and push p, and then un-solo when you’re done. Moving to brass, in Sibelius, select the brass staves. In Dorico, the same multi-step soloing of just the brass instruments. I find Dorico much more “tedious” working on Orchestral score–doubly so when it needs to be coordinated with video.

Hi Mark, Yes i confess I did’nt read your hint for the shortcut “p” with enough attention.
And great Traubitz I even learn my (since dorico a little outdated Sibelius) in this Doricoforum :wink: ) I was’nt aware of this helpful Sibelius Shortcut.

And of course shortcuts are most of the time even smarter than any mouseclick anywhere in.

However I felt that having an always available playcontrolsection in the UI with the option for an additional transportwindow would be not that necessary if the general playcontrol section would have the last (in my eyes most useful) thing which is currently missing.

Just an idea…