I would like to be a member of the sidechain gang

But I can’t seem to get it to work :frowning:
I want to use a vocal track as the trigger to tone down a specific frequency on an acoustic guitar so’s it doesn’t fight with the vocal too much, when the vocal has stopped I want the guitar to continue as was before compresion of specific frequency,
tried using Fabfilter pro-C which has a sidechain facility, switched the sidechain on after placing Pro-C as an insert on the guitar track and went to the vocal track send expecting to see the sidechain option but it aint there :astonished:
tried the same with Izotope Alloy 2…both are VST3,

I just know I’m being thick and missing something obvious but I wish I knew what :confused:
normal sidechain compression with the cubase compressor works fine.

can anyone help me please,

cheers, Kevin

Pop proC on ur guitar track

  • activate sidechain on top of plugin.
  • go to expert mode in pro c
  • click Ext
    Go to your vocal track
  • select sidechain in sends list / turn it on

Have fun:)

Edit: ohh, my 500th post!


OH MY GOD :blush:
I thought switching the external on was it!! :laughing: never looked any further :unamused: …what a dildo I am :unamused:

thank you so much for putting me right…Kevin


Nothing to add on the routing, though I’d suggest that you try using a side-chained dynamic EQ instead of a side-chained multiband compressor. Much more tuneable and unobtrusive results.

thanks, I’ll give it a go…Kevin