I would like to hear from Hackintosh users who have totally working systems on Cubase 10.5.

I recently switched to Windows, and while W10 is good and is supremely stable with Cubase and VE Pro at the same time, after over three weeks on it I am considering making this same computer a Hackintosh (a dual boot if that’s possible – if not, then two separate system drives in case the Hackintosh doesn’t work). PLEASE, no Mac vs. Windows wars on this thread. LIfe is too short.

I want to hear very honest, very truthful reports from people who are using Hackintosh systems that are supremely stable and don’t require constant work after the initial build. I only want to hear specifically from people who have Hackintoshes running Cubase 10.5 that are just as stable as standard Macs. I find that people tend to exaggerate on forums of how good something is, so I’m looking for total honesty here. I do music for a living almost every day and need to know that if I do this build I can depend on it without having to screw around often to fix things/problem solve.

I’ve done tons of research and am hiring an expert to help me if I move forward. I would just like to hear about stability and the need for ongoing tweaking.

Anyone have this?

Right from my experience with a Hackintosh, i can tell you this is nice, but nothing more than toying around. Especially when it comes to full hardware support and a system you want to earn cash with and work on a daily basis, it is more likely it will fail at a moment where you do not want it to fail.
So even if you get all your hardware gear working, sooner or later there will come a moment where this simply will not work anymore.
You will not have any support from any vendor, because well… it is a Hackintosh.

Seriously, owners of legit Apple Hardware have already often problems, when Apple starts new updates with OS X. Your problems with a Hackintosh, will be a multiple of these problems. It is not worth the headaches you will get, believe me. Even if you get that stuff stable (soft and hardware), you will never be able to update anything safely.

From what i have experienced, the older the Mac OS the more stable it is. So “Snow Leopard” was my best experience.