I would like to make a macro for audio export

I would like to make a macro for audio export which does the following:

Copies the name of my project (from where?)
Opens the export audio dialogue
Pastes the name of my current project into the “file name” box
Exports using the options (folder, bit rate, sample rate etc) from previous export

Basically a one button auto-export

Ideas on how to get this done?

No, sadly Cubase Macros aren’t interactive like this.

Damn. I was even thinking of tagging a save file and close file on the end of that.
One button and walk away.

As planarchist says this is not possible.

You could get close by instead using ‘Project Name’ in a custom naming scheme. As far as I know this is remembered for the next time you use export.

If I remember correctly the folder is remembered only on a per project basis but you could try setting this to ‘use project audio folder’ if that suited your way of working. Many other settings are remembered from the last time you used export.

As far as I know there’s no way to have a one button and walk away solution. What do you mean by ‘tagging a save file and close file on the end of that’?

Yes, the export settings are saved. I work from a universal template each time and the exports are directed to the same mix folder.

“Project name”? Not quite sure what you mean.

By ‘tagging a save file and close file on the end of that’ I mean that I would want Cubase to save my project and close it when done exporting.

I’m exporting a lot of mixes, about three a day. When I am done with a session I want to move on to the next. When I reach the point of exporting the mixdown, it would be great to hit one hotkey and walk away while it does this. To go even further, I would like it to open up my template file after all that so I can get to work on the next project. Given that these are repetitive tasks, it would be great to get the computer to do as much of that as possible so I don’t have to wait around while things are exporting, closing and opening.

Click on the ‘Set up Naming Scheme’ icon next to the File Name and in the Naming Scheme dialogue drag ‘Project Name’ to the ‘Result’ field.

You can make a macro to automatically open the audio export window, perform the export (with peviously used settings), and then save and close the project and launch the Open dialogue. In other words, you can do most if not all of what you want with a single key command. It won’t make you a cup of coffee though :wink:

How can you automate the actual pressing of the export button? that is driving me nuts!

If you mean you want to know which key command to use:
Edit / Key Commands / Audio Export / Perform Audio Export
The Export Audio Mixdown window has to be open at the time you use this key command.

thanks, didn´t know that one!