i5-10600K or Ryzen 5 3600


I’ve been researching the spec for my new PC but the more I read the more confused I get regarding Ryzen versus Intel.

Basically I can get the exact same spec with a Ryzen 5 3600 six core 3.6GHz as I can with i5-10600k 4.1Ghz but the Ryzen is £150 cheaper.

I do audio recording and use a few plugins (some synths, Addictive drums, Addictive keys). My requirements aren’t especially high.

Just wondering if it’s worth paying £150 more for the intel setup (or indeed paying the same price but getting Ryzen 3600x ).

At the moment I’m on a 10 year old Dell PC running Windows 7 which considering its age and the fact it’s dual core only runs pretty well. It can handle many tracks of audio and several VST without falling over. It’s only when recording the mod wheel as I play synth for some reason it collapses.

I have read a lot of commentary about Cubase/Ryzen or indeed music/Ryzen not being a good combination. Or has that issue gone away with the more recent chips?



Look a few threads down in this computer section and you’ll see two threads about the Ryzen 3950x. People seem happy with the chips.

The things people brought up in the past two years I think were partially justified and partially exaggerated. Unfortunately it’s hard to get rid of people’s first impressions so if people read something negative that feeling stuck. I personally don’t record but I’ve been very happy with my first-generation Ryzen 1700. I do post for TV though so it’s a different beast, but still.

I wouldn’t worry about getting the R5 3600 if I were you.

Just look at your budget and see where you can best place your money.

Does the Intel chip include a GPU?
Would you buy a separate GPU anyway?

and so on…

Thanks. Yes I saw the threads on the 3950x. Seems like it’s worth going for Ryzen because there is more bang for the buck and also there is more potential to upgrade later should I wish to. :sunglasses:

According to my point of view, Rzen 5 3600 is best.