i5 3570K vs video card

With the advent of HD 4000 graphics on the i5 3570K cpu itself.
Would I need to install a “outboard” graphics card ?
Is there a heat or any latency concerns if running Cubase and onboard cpu graphics while using 2 monitors ?

I am will be editing some video and rendering with regards to soundtrack accompaniment.
But of course this will not happen at the same time the DAW is recording or processing audio tracks under Cubase 5.

The only video usage while Cubase is running would be using video playback in order to sync or edit track compositions.

Build out is :
i5 3750K
ASRock Z77 Pro 4 mb
8 gb ram

undecided if graphics card is needed.

onboard is fine for most.
dont get the OCZ SSDs Intel, Crucial, Samsung

“dont get the OCZ SSDs Intel, Crucial, Samsung”

You pretty much knocked off all SSD makers there or did ya miss typing a word ?
I see ADK on one system includes as stock a video card when building with these cpu’s
and it’s actually the card I have, AMD radeon HD5450 fanless.
How are your results with this one ?

sorry that should have read do buy Intel, Crucial, Samsung
however there has been lately some firmware issues with the Crucial 009 firmware… (crappy trim that kills it over time)
with the intel 335 series now less than and faster than Crucial its my go to SSD.

we sell 2 different Z77 systems
one without video (Qube)
and one with the (Quad Pro)
its works great either way there are a few plugins that want a good card but far and few
nice thing is you can always add it later if needed