i5 vs i7

My pc at the moment has an i5 cpu and i’m wondering is it worth putting an i7 in it.
Will an i7 make that much difference for running Cubase ?

It depends… You have a 6 Gen (Skylake) Cpu so only 6 and 7 gen Cpus will work in your motherboard, and it’s not Z-series motherboard so no real benefit from a (K) cpu.
Don’t think it will help you a lot and not worth to spend money for a cpu for an old platform. Better save up a little and get a newer gen cpu and new mobo and then consider I7 or I9 if you have the budget.

OK Thanks KHS

Just to make sure, I think it is better to buy a new gen cpu.

I do not think that there is much difference in i5 or i7. I think buy a new generation CPU. That will help you more.