i7 2600K and i7 5960X similar performance

I upgraded my machine to an 8-core 5960x, thinking I will gain huge performance benefits. But what I realized is :

My old i7 2600K on Cubase 6.5 performance is similar (if not better than) to i7 5960X on Cubase 8. By performance, I specifically mean the point where there are dropouts in the audio playback.

Interesting… Having made the exact upgrade my experience is entirely different than yours. 5960/x99 has improved my overall performance dramatically. Are you overclocking?

I hate to say it, but I haven’t noticed much improvement with Cubase going from a 980x to the new 5930k. I really thought it would be a night and day difference. It seems like ASIO performance is very similar. My ASIO gets maxed out using certain patches in Serum, for example, when the CPU shows only 11 or 12% used…and that’s even with a 1024 buffer setting in my Presonus Liquid 56. FW has been disappointing with my new DAW, but I’m hoping performance will be better when I upgrade to a MOTU 1248 next month.

quantum7 :
Same here, Asio getting maxed out, CPU is very low.

I am using default speed (3.0Ghz).

Off topic maybe but I was sceptical of Aes 16e bottlenecking the cpu. I have projects where Aes 16e drops audio, then switch to cheap Maya22 USB 2.0 with lower buffer without any glitch!

But then I see you are using Aes 16e also. Maybe something else is wrong with my system.

Hi… I am over clocking @ 4.4 ghz and all the c state junk is disabled in bios (latter is recommended by lynx to maximize aes16e performance). These tweaks seem to help quite a bit.

Oh. I had no idea about those tweaks. Going to check out now.