I7 930 load temps

I dono where Else to turn.
When browsing The web for an answer all is with oc.
I have à i7 930 at stock speed usinga noctua cooler.
When i run prime95 i Will hit 65c
Room temp is about 26-27c and i have 2 intake fanes on 1200 rpm
CPU fan on 1350rpm and back fan on 1350 and top fan on 1000 rpm
Should i worry or us this normal temps?

Running Prime will always cause your temps to rise much higher than on an average everyday use. I think the max with those CPU’s is 100 C, though you don’t want to get up around that high. If you’re not overclocking then you’re fine. That’s about average temps when stress testing. If you are then you can drop your voltcore down a bit to get the temps down a little lower. Sometimes if the heatsink/CPU isn’t seated properly with the thermal compound you’ll also get higher temps.

65 degrees (Celcius right?) is absolutely fine when running Prime. It’s called a torture test for a reason :wink:.
The load Prime puts on your CPU is far above anything you’ll encounter during regular use, and 65 is a perfectly safe temperature to work at. I’d say you even have some room for overclocking.
I wouldn’t say the maximum is 100 degrees though, if you reach that you’re in serious trouble. Generally, the higher the temperature, the shorter the lifetime of your cpu. Going higher than 70 degrees may not burn the CPU instantly but it will have an effect in the longer run. I always stick to 70 degrees max which is a safe point to work at, especially considering you should never reach that temperature anyway during normal use.