i7 9700K (8c/8t) or i9 9900k Users

I would like to know who else is using i7 9700K / i9 - 9900k here, and how are you guys liking the 9th gen system for Cubase?

9900k here. Built the system myself (see signature). Zero problems so far.

What kinda of music do you work on, are you a heavy Vsti user?
What buffer size are you using also what is your sampling rate and bit depth?

I do rock (with just some VST instruments but quite a lot of effects on audio tracks - I tend to have whole albums as one project with about hour in length and around 150 channels), Electronic (With 97% VSTi’s) and orchestral with big sample libraries. I have the buffer set to 64 samples by default but raise it to 128 or 256 when mixing.

I tend to use 88,2kHz with 32 bit float.

I bought the 9700k and put the rest in better cooling and NVMe PCIe drive. The 9900k needs to go in the best of the best z390 motherboards for that extra performance. Those motherboards come with a lot of other extras we’re paying for and don’t need, like superior sound, LEDs. The main thing to look out for is the VRM’s, how well they can stay cool and maintain a stable voltage. Especially when pushing all cores 5+. Which (I believe) will be harder for an MB if the Chip is Hyperthreading. To go 9900 isn’t just about paying for the higher priced chip to see big improvements, edit: depending on usage.

My main design goal was SILENT and super snappy preset browsing.

I have been using the 9900k for cubase, zero problems since a month. However I ran into some temprature issues with my i9 and had to get a good thermal paste, got the thermal grizzly other than that Working on cubase has been a walk in the park.

What kind of cooler do you have? I’m using BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4. Kind of annoying to install but seems to work really well.