i7 980x or 950?

Is it worth the money to get the 980x or will a 950 still rock the DAW world?

I currently have an AMD X2 running @ 2.06 and it stinks in the 64 bit / Windows 7 / Cubase 6 department. I can barely get 25 MBC running in DAWbench before it fizzes.

The new software i have rocks and I need something strong to run it. I’m just not sure whether the extra $750 is worth it…

If any users have used both and know of a DRASTIC difference I’ll gladly pay the extra $$$

Consider the new i7 2600K instead, for a DAW it seems to be as powerful as the i7 980x for a fraction of the price.


I’ve read about some issues with the sandybridge and DAW so I’m gonna steer clear for a while.

if you can wait until late March/April it will be worth waiting for the replacement Sandy Bridge