i7 and VST instruments

As I’m upgrading my PC, I’ve decided to probably go with an i7 over the AMD. But this would be my question. My current machine is a Q6600 (4gb). Once I plug in like 3-4 instances of Gplayer (gigastudio) and 2 of Miroslav, a few synths like Atmoshpere and Padshop and StylusRMX, add in about 4 reverbs - my CPU is at 30% (idle) and while playing back it bounces up to 60% and a few spikes every 3-4 minutes will drop out.

Will an i7 (16 gb) solve my problem?

I don’t want to spend 400.00 only to see a small 10% decrease in my CPU load.

I’m trying to be wise about my purchase and this forum is my best resource.

I got a new daw built n Nov around a I7 3930 w/16gb ram. During the research phase I came to realize that it’s impossible to answer a question such as this because the details of usage make all the difference. Are you running 32x or64x for example. Only advice I can give is try posting in the computer build section at Gearslutz. More activity there Good Luck

I bought an i7 and 12 gig when the i7 first came out. Mine’s a 920. All I can say is, after using Cubase for 20 years, now it actually works!

If I were in the market now I would get myself a top class Asus Mobo with lots of ins and outs plus USB 3, and the best i7 I could afford, with stacks of RAM. I believe the new Mobos have ridiculously limits on the ram - well over a terrabyte. I have also got a SSD system drive, which speeds things up great (samsung).