i7 or Xeon 12xx

Hi there,

I am looking for a new system and was thinking about and i7 or a xeon 12xx (e.g.1245v2).
Both support HT and you can put them on affordable motherboards (100-150 EUR).

Which CPU do you recommend?

Best Bastian

It all depends on what you want the computer to do and how you work. For example people who use a lot of plugs might need a different system from those who mainly use VSTi.


Ok, I understand. Sometimes I need more power, right now I have a Q9550 (Cinebench R 11.5: 3,6), ssd, 2 HDD with 7200 RPM. I use NI VSTs, VSL Special Edition, Ominsphere, I run video within my DAW, but sometimes the system is stuckin’, allthough I have 8 GB RAM installed. So I have 2 scenarios:

  1. Using NI Komplete, VSL SE, Ominsphere, Arturia, Toontrack stuff


  1. No VST instruments, but 50 or more tracks of audio to mix a short film, so post pro of movies. I use RX2 to clean the on set recordings, but I can’t open more then 2 or 3 instances of RX 2. I mostly render offline to save CPU power.

Sometimes I need more disc power (samples), mostly I need CPU power (RX2 plus Reverb).

there is no difference in a i7 or Xeon. exact same processors

you really should be looking at a socket 2011 like the 3930K

3930K - thats 500 EUR for the CPU.

When looking at following benchmark table:


it shows, that spending 300 EUR more, gives 3,7 points more in cinebench R 11.5.
Thats why I was thinking about the small xeon cpu’s…

But 2011 compared to 1155 socket gives a few advantages, thats true.


a 1245 v2 is the same thing as a 3770,
3.4GHz turbo to 3.8GHz and 8 meg cache there is no difference in these.
note a 3770K is slightly higher clock. the “K” is unlocked for over clocking ideally the best thing you can do.

why do you keep mentioning cinibench?
are you doing animation?
that test has nothing to do with audio performance in the slightest.

benchmarks for audio here

2nd graph down is the newest for desktop systems


thanks for understanding the Intel family and the benchmark background. My information was, that cinebench R 11.5 gives information about the CPU power. I use iZotope RX2 and my impression was that my system has not enough CPU power, so I thought R 11.5 was an important benchmark to see, how capable my system is.

I’ll check your link for sure, thanks a lot!