i7 - utilisation of multi cores? (esp w/ PitchShift)

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how I can make my 5.5.2 cubase use more of my i7’s cores while doing CPU intensive work such as pitchshifting etc? I’ve found the “Multi Processing” tick box in the devices->Device Setup -> Advanced options bit but I can only see one core being used to around 20%. This means I’m waiting 3 mins or so for this pitch shift while the rest of my raging hairy beast of a machine lies dormant and unutilised.

Any help appreciated! Hope you’re all having fun!


Win7 64bit i7 920 overclocked to 4.0Ghz SP1 6 Gb Memory

Not sure if the article below will help you…


Open up CB 5, then open taskmanager and find CB 5 under processes. Right click on CB 5 and make sure all of your cores are checked. See screenshot attachment

Sweet - thank you. I’ll try that this evening.

Coming back to this again, I did see how to see whether all the cores were “checked” for Cubase and they were, I think it’s just a case of cubase not utilising them which is poor… anyone seen this and found a fix?


t’s the priority of the Cubase app set to in Windows?

The Multiprocessor box is really meant for more than one physical CPU, not multi-core.

Hi Mashedmitten - a right click on the process shows it to be “High”.

When all else fails, Trash Prefs.