i7 vs i7 extreme intel Processor

Help plz.
I’m wondering how cubase7 can get the benefit out of the i7 extreme processor and is it worth it to use that processor or just use the standard i7 processor , also by keeping in mind the big price deferent between the two processor.

Plz help and thank you for your time.

lets see
3.2GHz $590ish
3.3 or 3.4GUz $1000

what do you think? 200mghz worth $400? I don’t think so

ideally you buy the 3930K and over clock it to 4.5GHz and have far more than the Extreme can offer

thank you JCschild for the help, so its batter to spend more money on Ram i guess and good Ram if im not wrong, thankx again.

good ram is key for an X79 needs to be 1.35v