IAA MIDI Instruments - which ones work?

So just before throwing the towel on the whole shebang I bought Waldorf Nave and it shows up in Cubasis IAA instrument panel and seems to work well thus far. Thor does not.

Other there any other quality IAA MIDI instruments that are confirmed to work (not counting the “IAA” generator support that comes with Audiobus 2)

Hi, here’s a list of my IAA MIDI apps shown in Cubasis. It’s a shame for Korg that none of their Apps is in the list, although almost all Korg Apps are installed on my iPad. ’ hope this helps a bit. Skål!

You can use the korg apps (or other “Generator only” apps with virtual midi for that matter) anyway.Open the Generator on an Audiotrack and use a seperate Midi track where you select the specific midiport/channel.