IAA Thor


Cubasis 1.81 doesn’t see Thor 1.1 as inter audio app.
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I think it’s a Sugarbytes, not Steinberg problem

…Propellerhead…and Garage Band recognize it without problems. But doesn’t matter, because devs could talk with the others and vice versa.

Thor only has IAA generator functionality, not full instrument implementation.

This means it doesn’t include MIDI when using IAA. If you create a Cubasis audio track and the go to the routing tab on the left, select the IAA inputs and you will find Thor there. You can now record the audio from Thor into Cubasis.

If you want to sequence from Cubasis then you need to create a MIDI track, select no instrument and route the MIDI output to Thor. There is a glitch between the two though.

If you send MIDI clock from Cubasis, this will start and stop Thor’s step sequencer when you start/stop Cubasis. However, the MIDI clock from Cubasis seems to cause problems with the tempo sync delay in Thor. If you don’t send MIDI clock from Cubasis, you can sync by matching tempos and the delay is fine, bit you lose the ability sync the running of the sequencer.

Not showing up in the inter app routing for an audio track for me.