Iac drive,cubase 12 problems/ solved ! midi recording now normally

I’m just here to share a solution I found, after many days of searching with a lot of fatigue… the iac drive works very well as a virtual midi cable in daws like reaper, logic and others… but with cubase and nuendo the midi track did not record , had audio , but does not record … I used IpMidi , but it only works fine in Mojave … in Catalina for Monterey it works for a few minutes and stops completely . no use trying anymore… it won’t work again. So, after a lot of searching, and almost giving up, I found Bomes midi Translator 1.8.1. and it solved my problem… it has the virtual midi cable function. Cubase, kontakt and One man Band are connected to Bomes midi translator , and now Cubase is recording the midi track normally.