IAC Midi Feedback Loop

I am getting midi feedback loop when assigning an IAC port to both the input and output of the Mackie Control Device Panel in the Devices Set Up Menu in Cubase 9.0.1. When I assign other midi input/outputs to the same Mackie Control Device Panel I do note get a feedback loop. The feedback look only happens when I use the IAC bus. Nothing else is assigned to the IAC bus.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I am guessing this is because you have a MIDI track record/monitor enabled, whose MIDI Input is set to “All MIDI Inputs”. This will of course include the return from the IAC bus (unless you go into the Device Setup dialog and customize the contents of “All MIDI Inputs” :wink: ).

Thanks for the suggestion, vic-france. Unfortunately I get the feedback loop even with a new project with no midi tracks in it. Other midi ports don’t produce this result. I have tested it with harware midi controllers and software ports, including midi-over-lan and the lemur daemon. The only time I get the feedback loop is when I select the IAC buss.

Using a Mac Pro running Sierra. Are there other settings for the IAC buss other than the ones in Apple’s AudioMidi setup that could be causing the loop? I’m stumped.

Also I should add, the feedback loop only happens when using the Mackie Control Device Panel. Generic Remotes don’t give me the feedback when selecting the IAC bus for the input and output.

I’m afraid I know nothing about the Mackie device, but maybe you should check whether the loopback is coming from there.

Thanks, vic_france. I appreciate the suggestion. I have removed all midi hardware from my system and the midi feedback loop persists, but only when using the Mackie Control device panel with the input and output assigned to the in and out of an IAC bus - assigning the input and output of the Mackie Control device panel to other non-IAC busses produces no feedback loop.

I would like to figure out if this is a Cubase issue, an IAC issue, or a Mackie Control device panel Issue, but am not sure how to further trouble shoot.

Anyway, the workaround seems to be creating two different IAC busses and assigning one to the input and one to the output. Less efficient, but it works! :slight_smile:

Well, at least you’re up and running :wink: