IAP Purchases 2021

Hi there,

After several tries, no luck on updating IAP on Cubasis 3. I’ve read all the older threads and tried to follow the steps. Is there any change on the proccess?

I have an iPad Pro, Cubasis 2 LE upgraded to max and Cubasis 3 and I am trying to unlock Waves and Internal FX packs.


Hi @ad4chi,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please let me have more details about your problem to purchase the additional in-app purchases. Ideally, share a short clip with me, which shows the steps and visualizes the problem.

Are you logged in with the same App Store account which have been used for your previous purchases, when trying to purchase the Waves and FX pack in-app purchases?

Look forward to your reponse.

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Hi Lars,

Tks for the quick answer. To be honest, I dont remember if I used the same account but I think so, dont remember using any different account in all this years on iOS. In fact, I think its the same account because I was able to restore the Roomworks SE on Cubasis 3.

I use to have all the FX packs and the Waves Bundle on my Cubasis 2 LE (upgraded to max). I re-downloaded it yesterday and it still there. Its sad Cubasis doesn’t show us any “account info” on the app. Also, I logged into my iCloud account cause I read something related to it somewhere in this forum. So when I did that and went to Cubasis 3, it tried to restore with the popup window, but then it told me I was offline and didnt finish.

Any clue on what going on?

Hi @ad4chi,

I use to have all the FX packs and the Waves Bundle on my Cubasis 2 LE (upgraded to max). I re-downloaded it yesterday and it still there.

Good to know, so you are entitled to freely transfer them to Cubasis LE 3, via this procedure:

With the purchase of Cubasis 3, we offer you to freely transfer previous Cubasis instrument and effect in-app purchases to your newest Cubasis 3 app.

(1) The IAP transfer is supported for these apps:

  • Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis LE 3
  • Cubasis LE 2 to Cubasis 3

(2) These are the required steps:

  • Make sure Cubasis 2.8.2 or higher is installed on your iPad
  • Launch Cubasis 3 and open the in-app shop
  • Follow the instructions shown in the IAP Transfer pop-up

In some cases, it is required to open the in-app shop in Cubasis 2, once the app has launched itself (being triggered from the “Transfer” popup button).

Please let me know if this helps to resolve the issue!

Best wishes,

Hi again!

No luck. I followed all the steps but there is no popup window coming up when I open the store inside Cubasis 3