iAPP restore problems on iPad Pro 12,9"

Hello together,

It’s been a while I’ve bought me an UR242 bundles with the MAC/PC Version of Cubase Ai. That was a very happy day and that’s not all. Themdays I had a iPad Air (64GB, iOS 8.4 I think) and saw at the App Store Cubasis LE free for download was available. So I read a little bit to compare the both versions, connected my camera connection kit to my iPad Air and baaaam I had the complete full version (1.9.5 think).

Now, my iPad Air is running iOS 9.3.5 since yesterday and all features are unlocked, same as before. Yes, a reinstallaion did I have to make, too. Restore to full featured version in 1.9.9 was no problem.

But the big bad dirty poo is, that I bought my iPad Pro (256Gb iOS 9.3.5, too) espascially for making music but here I have to buy the “Full Feature Pack” for about 30€. Why??? I thought Apple syncs everything you bought with your Apple-ID. Why not here?

One think should I have to tell:
My Apple-ID, my Steinberg-Login, and my Steinberg-Forum-Login are three complete different User/Pass combinations. I don’t think thats important, but who knows…

I’m very exited for your answer.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your message.
In-app purchases are stored with your Apple ID and can be easily restored.


  • LogIn with the Apple ID that have been used for your previous purchase
  • Launch Cubasis LE
  • Tap “Shop” button and choose “Restore purchased”

Hope that helps.