IC Cubase / Cubasis runs on which tablets ?

I would like to buy a tablet to use IC Cubase / Cubasis and I would like to know on which tablets it is running, based on user experience. (No APPLE Products, please)

When is Cubasis available for Android? Is it planned to be available for Android at all ?

I have managed to get the trial working on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Had a few issues but it was solved by unchecking the “enable authentication” in Devices/Steinberg SKI remote section of Cubase 7.

Runs on a Nexus 7 2013.

Note that the iC Pro page should read:

Displays below > or equal to > 7" will show the phone version while displays above 7" will show the tablet version.

The phone version only shows one section of information at a time, like a cue mixer or button array, while the tablet version shows two or more.

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