IC PRO alternative...

While we wait for Apple to release the fix so those of us that use IC Pro can go back at it…I downloaded the PT control and installed the Eucon plugin for Cubase, and it works great…just an idea, and it’s free

Do you need a active internet connection to use it ?
i found out that you need an account just to be able to get the Eucon driver …
and then sign in with a “master account”
my Daw is in my network, but without internet access.
Should i be able to use it. Or will it not work when offline

you get an account…it’s free…download the drivers to puter…install, restart…open app on ipad (computer must be on same wifi) that’s it…offline is not a problem

I tryed it and it have some nice feature more.
In example it have sends level, plugins parameters and pan (surround too!)
It works great.

I made some buttons to insert track presets… as follows:
Make a track preset of your synth
save it as a unique short name like HALN6…you must create a key command for insert track preset (I use: Shift + I)
in the Eucon app do the following:
select a button
name *ADD HALION 6"
click command
enter 5 key commands in this order
Shift + I
special character \t (tab)
special character \t (tab)
special character \t (tab)

now program a new button (I call it “CREATE VST”) for selecting this choice:
3 key entries:
\t (tab)
\d (down arrow)
\n (enter)

Now on the ipad Eucon app you can just click the "ADD HALION 6) button followed by the "CREATE VST) button and voila


Took long enough. Apple’s release of iOS 10.3.3 fixes the IC Pro problem.

I can only update my iPad to 10.3.2 so I am SOL at the moment but:


Metagrid is pretty amazing. Very customizable.