IC Pro and Cubase 8?

Is it working for people running Cubase on Win7 64 bit?

There’s very little noise on the IC Pro forum, except from a few people that have the same issue as me. I was golden running Cubase 7.5 with IC Pro.

I do miss using it, so I’ll invest more debug time if there’s confirmation that it’s working OK for people with a similar environment to mine.

Yes I’m using it and haven’t had any problems, at least that I’ve noticed.
C8 + Win7x64, Ipad4
I mostly use the faders so I haven’t tested the macro or arrange view very much…
What’s the issue you’re having?

Your system is pretty close to mine (IPad Air and IPhone6 instead), so that’s reassuring. On latest IOS (8.0.3).

When I start Cubase IC Pro, my Cubase computer appears in the “Select your computer” box (the discovery works). However, when it tries to connect, IC Pro times out.

Again, no issues with Cubase 7.5.

Are you running it across your general wireless network, or have you set them up peer-to-peer?

Thanks again.

I’m also on the latest IOS version and am connecting through my router (wireless iPad, wired PC).
My PC is set to a, static IP address just to avoid a possible issue in the future…
Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of building a new PC and having some unexpected Win8 driver issues with my interface so I can’t access my old system at the moment. Once I get everything up and running I’ll post in the thread to let you know if IC works with the new machine…
Very strange that yours works with 7.5 and not 8 though.

It has no trouble finding the IP address of the PC (it shows up correctly).

Good luck with your new system. Always fun having to reauthorize all the apps and plug ins. And thanks in advance for doing the check when you’re operational again.

Ok, looks like mine is also working in Win 8.1 with Cubase 8.05.

Out of curiosity, did you remember to add a Steinberg Ski Remote to your Remote Devices in Cubase? Sorry, stupid question but just want to make sure :slight_smile:

Good stuff - glad your new system is up.

Yep, it’s there. Made sure that I got the latest version of the extension ( and that it matched (64 bit extension for 64 bit Cubase). Shows up in devices and everything.

What I think I’ll do is wait for the next Cubase update, see if that helps, and if not, then I’ll get serious about getting it working. Been spending way too much time debugging and too little time making actual music lately.

Ok, I’m working now.

Some weirdass firewall stuff going on. For some reason, Cubase 8 kept on autocreating entries in my firewall exceptions table that (ended up with 7 of them before it was done). Kept deleting them, then they would reappear.

Once I disabled the firewall, it connected right away.

In the end, something changed my network setting for my Cubase computer as “Public”. I set it back to “Home” and re-enabled the Firewall. It connected, in spite of all the autogenerated multiple firewall exception entries.

Hey everyone. I have Cubase 7 elements. want to upgrade to Cubase 8 elements cause there is this new offer with 20% discount for a limited time. But i am not quite sure if Cubase IC would run on Cubase 8. I found out some have minor issues. Also Steinberg did not mention weather the app is compatible with Cubase 8 elements or not.

Any ideas?

A sale on this App for the period of Musikmesse has been announced but there is no official statement on its compatability with Cubase 8 Pro - ! am on Win 7 64 BTW.

The App has not been stated to be compatible with C8 and has not been updated since Cubase 8 Pro launch which was at the end of 2014 - together these raise a few doubts as to the future and usability of the app for those using the current version of Cubase.

Some clarification from SB officials would be appreciated.

I’ve succeeded connecting Cubase 8 Pro (WIN7) and iC pro with my Motorola Moto E smartphone running Android 4.4.4
Strangely i couldn’t make it work with Cubase 7.5 …