iC Pro and DTouch

Seems like iC Pro hasn’t been updated in several years for iOS and even longer for Android. Is it basically being abandoned by Steinberg?

I was considering getting an iPad with main selling points being able to use it as a control surface for Cubase. Kind of pointless though if iC Pro is just dead tech.

I was also checking out DTouch… for the price of two touchscreen monitors and a DTouch license, you’ll still come out ahead of buying an iPad Pro 12.9" and have a considerably bigger control surface.

I’m curious what has more functionality. Can you control VST parameters from the iC Pro? Is there anything iC Pro can do that DTouch can’t and vice versa?


iC Pro for Android has been discontinued.

iC Pro for iOS is still alive. You can also consider MetaGrid DAW controller for your iPad.