iC Pro and iPad first generation


does the brand new iC Pro work with the first generation of iPads (iOS 5.x.x)?


one guy in gearslutz forum say it works

Hi Cochrane,

Officially we only support the new ones because older devices might not be powerful enough to handle big Cubase projects.

It works, but it’s not very smooth and crashes often (I’ve only have checked in C7.0.1, project contains about 60 channels).
Anyway, I think it’s a really great idea, and sooner or later I’ll have to upgrade my iPad :mrgreen:

iPad 1 works but not smoothly - not worth trying if you don’t have the latest model (so I went and bought the latest - for more reasons than just running Cubase iC Pro!)

Can you point me to where it says that you only support new devices please? I specifically checked to see if my operating system on the ipad 1 was suitable, ie, over the operating system limit and it is. You specify over OS 5 - I have 5.1.1 installed on my ipad. It definitely doesn’t say anywhere in the app store that the iC Pro is not suitable for iPad 1.

This doesn’t seem right. Now you announce that it doesn’t work. Normal practice is that if someone tries to install an app that will not work on his device a dialogue appears saying that the software is not suitable for that device.

Is there any way I can have a refund?


Hi Byresman,

Please check the official product website:
At the bottom you can find the supported devices.

You can get a refund through your iTunes account.

Hello !

I confirm that this app is too slow on Ipad 1 to be used correctly. I bought it because on AppStore it is just said “Ipad” for the compatitbility, so I thought it meant all Ipads…
Maybe the next upgrade will improve performances. :wink: