IC Pro - Android vs iPad

Is there a difference between the IC Pro for Android and iPad? I have both devices, and while I don’t mind spending a few bucks if there’s a reason to, I also don’t mind not spending a few bucks if I don’t have to.

Further, on the IC Pro section of the Steiny site, there’s talk of both a paid and free (trial) version of ICP for Android, but on Google Play, I can only find a free version.

Thanks all!

I don’t believe there are differences in functionality but I much prefer iOS apps and the iPad hardware itself over Android and I came from an all-Android platform so definitely no fanboy support on my part. Although I haven’t used this particular app on Android, I can say that the iOS version is rock solid and hasn’t ever disappointed me yet - aside from just wanting more functionality, etc. Of course having a platform that ties in neatly with your existing setup is certainly a major consideration too.

Thanks man!

When I didn’t get any replies, I went ahead and bought the iPad app anyway, figuring that since I have both Android and iPad devices, it’d be nice to be able to use either “on demand”. And worst case scenario, I’ve wasted $17 on worse!

Bottom line…The apps seem to be the same on either format.

Do you notice any difference in lag ?

With iOS 8 on an iPad Air I see no lag it responds as fast as my hardware CC121.

I get the feeling that someone built an iOS version, and it went through the whole approval and release process without someone bringing up the question of what the best architecture for licensing should be.

I suspect that if it had been thought through properly from the beginning, the Android licensing (paid DAW-based license, free apps) would have been the winning option for all platforms, as it means that app users, who may have brought their own device to a session, do not have to buy it just for that possibly single use.

If it makes it to be a W10 app, I predict that it will also use free apps. Personally, I would like to be able to run multiple instances of it from one or more Win touchscreens. That, combined with some of the Remote Device type of facilities, like blocks of channels, could replace MixConsoles altogether. We would then have multi-touch Cubase. If they could be saved as part of a workspace, then we would the best of all worlds.