Ic pro app iOS 13

Thought I would try in here since no one seems to look in the app forum.has anyone updated to iOS 13 who uses ic pro? Does it work? Thanks

Disappointed this was moved as no one looks in this forum whereas they do in the main Cubase area. If someone has moved it from admin then surely they could also answer the question. Surely steinberg have tested with the new iOS already

So I took a chance and updated to iOS 13 and it is working ok. Would have been good to have a steer from steinberg though

Agreed, but good to know, thank you!

Thanks for testing that. What version of Cubase do you use? I have 10 Pro but all I see is Cubase 9 and 9.5 in the descriptions.

I’m using 10 and always ha e the current version. To be honest it isn’t usually the Cubase version that’s the problem. It’s usually iOS

IOS 13.2; Windows 10 PRO Version 1903; Cubase Pro 10.0.50; Steinberg SKI Remote 1.0.8 installed on PC; Primary controller device is an 11" iPad Pro 512GB - all seems to work as it should. I would like to mention that the “.pdf” manual could be a little more clearly written. Even for a person, such as myself, who is technically inclined and has worked with music/studio equipment for years - some of the instructions seemed a little confusing.
Here’s a note: While you’re in Cubase, (assuming you have the SKI driver installed) go to the “Studio” menu and open “Studio Setup”. Click on “Remote Devices” and then click on the “+” button (top left corner of the pop-up window). This will provide you with a list of available options - at this time, ensure your device is on and the Cubase IC Pro app is running and then choose “Steinberg SKI Remote”. From this point, just follow the prompts on your device and your PC.