iC Pro at connection or loading interface

So the latest iC Pro seems to find my computer and then goes to the following screen where it sits for a long time, occasionally refreshing back to the ‘find computer’ screen where it finds my computer right away then returns to this screen:

After searching and reading this post I reset my router/modem using the following commands:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
netsh advfirewall reset
 ipconfig /flushdns
 ipconfig /release
 ipconfig /renew

Then rebooted my computer, and refreshed iC Pro. Still get stuck on the loading screen. Any suggestions? Contact support?

Windows 10 Pro 1909
SKI Remote v.
Cubase Pro 12.0.70
iPad iOS 16.6

Hi @SF_Green,

Could the issues be related to dedicated firewall settings?
Did you follow the install and setup instructions on our Remote SKI website?

In addition, you may check out our Cubase iC Pro troubleshooting article.

Hope that helps!!


Hi @SF_Green,

Please check if our troubleshooting article is of help to resolve the problem: