iC Pro Connection nur was für NERDs ?

Leider habe ich auch nach stundenlangen Versuche unter Anwendung aller im Forum ( und sonst wo ) verfügbaren Tips und Anleitungen keine Connection von C7 und iC Pro zustande gebracht. Da V-Control Pro sich einwandfrei verbindet und es sich sehr gut damit arbeiten läßt, werde ich iC Pro aufgeben und weiter mit V-Control arbeiten. Schade die Taststurkomandos hätte ich gern auf dem iPad gehabt, aber sei es drum, geht auch so.
Leider kann ich iC Pro nicht zurückgeben und mein Geld zurückbekommen. In der Werbung sieht alles ganz easy aus, aber im wirklichen Leben fällt man dann leicht mal auf den Bauch.
Ich selbst bin kein technischer Laie ( ich arbeite in der IT-Branche), bin aber kein NERD das scheint aber leider für dieses Produkt Vorausetzung zu sein.
( Soetwas würde bei mir keine Freigabe bekommen, " Ein normaler User sollte mit normalem Aufwand in der Lage sein die App zum Laufen zu bringen.)
Geht ja z.B. bei V-Control und anderen Apps.

Also dann tschüß 15€


Win7 (64) Cubase 7 (64)

I don’t speak German but see the post ‘Cubase iC Pro official video tutorial’ and read my response if you are having problems connecting the iC Pro.

If you cannot connect, follow my steps and you will. And remember that the last step is running the ‘Network Diagnostic in Win7’. I have looked all over the internet and there is no answer as to why Win7 will not connect to the Home Group without running the diagnostic tool. I need to call MS about this.

Hallo mr.roos

Thank you for the Reply. I did all you mentioned but hat no succsess.
I dont think it is a networkproblem.
I start cubase, than i start Ney-fi (similar to Ski), than i start v-control on my ipad. On the settingspage i select my daw-PC and that is it. I can control my cubase 7. This works in my normal Network (with internet connection) and it works with an ad-hoc Network. So the Network is abel to control cubase7 with my ipad.
As fahr as i know Ney-fi uses Bonjour.
To establish this took me 10 minutes. To get ic-ontrol to work took me severel houres and i had no luck.
Thats why i asked wether ic-control is for NERDs only.


Ah, I see. :laughing: Hm. well, I do think that connecting via the iC Pro app could be easier, YES! But I also think I don’t want to be on the internet when I record.

Maybe there is a way with Ney-fi to setup a network that doesn’t involve the internet? There probably is.

FWIW, I am starting to get frustrated with Win7 and Administrator rights and the creating of private networks. It is easier to do what you are doing than it is to create an internal, in-house network that connects easily. I can get things to work, yes, but Win7 just fights you. Ha, maybe Steinberg will improve on iC Pro someday. Either that or give some better instructions. And the thing is, the keyboard is a better controller of Cubase, it’s just that it seems pretty cool to use a remote device. I need to step away from candy bowl. :slight_smile:

It works !!

I installed the new version of SKI Remote, updated the App and i got lucky; it works.
The shortcuts on the iPad-screen is a Hammer ( as we say in Germany) thats why i wantet the App. I would like to have a whole Screen of this feature without splitscreen. I don’t need the Mixerview on the iPad when i’m at my Workstation.



Some questions:

  1. What is your OS (i.e. Windows 7, 8 or OS X)?
  2. How is your network set up?
  3. What is the brand/model of your router (if any)?


My System:
PC Workstation
Intel i7 Processor
WIN 7 64
Cubase 7 64
iPad 2
Adhoc Network ASUS WiFi Card

I don’t know exactly the Version of the ASUS Card

Hope that helps.



I would like to have a whole Screen of this feature without splitscreen. I don’t need the Mixerview on the iPad when i’m at my Workstation.

I am glad to tell you that this is part of one of the new features implemented in our ongoing major update!