iC Pro connection problem Cubase 10.5

Hello everyone,

Just noticed that now that I have upgraded from Cubase 10 to 10.5, can’t connect with the iC Pro app: the iPad recognize the PC, but it gets stuck after selecting the PC (Windows 10).
Everything is updated and obviously the firewall is not blocking anything related.

I am experiencing the exact same behaviour.

I have solved the problem (for me at least), by allowing Cubase 10.5 through the Windows firewall.

I am experiencing this issue, did the firewall fix it for everyone?

In case anyone else has this issue, I went in to my windows firewall, and there are 2 entries for Cubase 10. I made sure both private and public networks were clicked for each entry and now my IC will connect, problem solved.

Is anyone still using this successfully on Win 7 & Cubase 10.5?

I added the rules on all profiles, even turned the firewall off but no cigar. The outcomes are sporadic. I managed to get the project showing once (1) on the iPad, but after some 30 seconds of playback the connection became unresponsive.

EDIT: I’m moving to Avid Control, will miss the features.

alangier is correct. Open the Win10 Firewall settings and add Cubase 10.5 to the list of programs/apps that can pass through the Firewall and iC Pro works like it always did.