ic Pro draws a blank screen

I bought ic Pro because it looked like it might give my old iPad 1 something useful to do. This is running IoS 5.1.1, which according to Steinberg is good enough for ic Pro. I am running both Cubase 8.0 and 7.5 on a 64bit Windows 8.1 machine.
I have managed to connect via both an ad-hoc and standard wi-fi link but in both cases the iPad screen goes blank after the connection is made. This happens with both versions of Cubase. I know the machines are talking to each other because it says so in the Cubase Device Setup box. The Windows firewall had been instructed to allow access. Is there any possibility of this product actually working as promised? I’m not asking for much. All I want is something to switch recording on and off. I can do this using a remote desktop connection on a laptop but that cuts off my desktop displays.


please update to the latest iOS Version.

Thank you!

Ricardo,That is no help at all. As I pointed out, I have a first-generation Ipad which will not run any higher version of IoS than IoS 5.1.1. I bought ic Pro because the blurb says it will run on IoS 5.0 or higher. If it doesn’t then Steinberg has wasted hours of my time, not to mention taking nearly £13 off me for something that does not work. If there is an earlier version that does run as advertised, I’d be happy to use it. Otherwise can I please have my money back.


sorry yes you are right about the iPad 1 restriction… where did you find the info about iOS 5 though? On our website it is indicated as as a minimum requirement that you need iOS 6. And unfortunately we can not provide any older versions of the App, since everything regarding distribution is under Apples policy and control.



I got the information from Apple store and have a screenshot to prove it. I realise reading down through this forum that people were complaining about this about a year ago and the Apple Store information has still not been changed. I understand from those posts that I can reclaim my money but what about my wasted time?

I cannot believe that Steinberg has no control over product descriptions on Apple store, nor over the fact that I was allowed to buy and install a product that would not work on my system. Apple’s policy on ageing hardware and apps reeks of monopoly abuse. I do not expect new apps necessarily to run on old hardware but it is outrageous to be locked out of old apps that do work. Apple is clearly trying to corner people into unnecessary hardware upgrades, which is typical of its rapacious contempt for its users – the reason I do not normally buy Apple products. Clearly Steinberg has to deal with Apple but if it is going to swim with sharks it should at least protect its customers from them.

Hi cakass,

First of all we’re sorry to hear about your issue with Cubase iC Pro.
Changing or updating iTunes descriptions is possible only when uploading a new version of an app.

Please get back to Apple and ask them for a refund of the app.

Hope that helps to solve the problem.

Best wishes,


Pointless me ranting at you Lars but this is a scandal, nothing less. That misinformation has been on the Apple site for a year. It is not good enough to say nothing can be done. You or Apple or both should have sorted it out. How many hours of people’s time have you wasted? It would be almost forgivable if it were not for the wider issue of Apple’s abuse of market power and use of forced obsolescence. How they get away with it, when Microsoft was shat on for years for similar stuff, I do not know. Microsoft may have shafted its competitors but at least it showed some respect for its customers. I’ve a mind to call the trading-standards authorities about this.

To cap it all I’ve just tried the Android version of ic Pro and it has bricked both my Cubase installations.

Icpro no longer works with android 5 tablets and Steinberg do not appear to be doing anything about it. They have taken the money but have no working product!

For the record, I’m now running ic Pro on my Android 4.1.1 phone with no problems. cross fingers. If it keeps working it’s worth the price.

4 good, 5 bad.