IC PRO for Android where is it?

i have been looking for steinbergs IC pro for Android but cant find it anywhere
i know it exists (You Tube Add) but the Steinberg Shop Has the mac version
i want to Buy the Pc- anddoid version
anyone here can point me in the right direction ??

Hi, I don’t have it in the store, it’s free. just install the Steinberg SKI remote. then you add it in Cubase and then on your android phone or tablet you open GOOGLE CHROME and enter the address that SKI remote gives you. when you connect, save it as a home screen (when you get the cubase icon) and voila

Thanks for the reply
i found the link for ski but nothing happens when i press it there is no download

ok i got the ski…
but this is where it stops …
i cant find ic pro on app store
maybe i am just stupid but this has me so confused

It does not go through the store friend, you do not need it, it goes through Google chrome

You must put the address that SKI gives you in the google Chrome search engine, you hit enter or next and you see how a Cubase icon should appear, that’s when you add it as a direct access and that’s it.

okay pablin
where do i find that address ?
sorry to be so "Dumb " with this…

ok i found it .
now it looks like my android device is not compatible
what next

so i have tyried it on my samsung s10
now i cant enter the ser no ???
oh man

got it

Cool, I’m glad!!! enjoy!

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