IC pro for android?

It looks cool but please Steinberg make this available for android. Judging from the comments on your Facebook page there’s definitely a demand for it. It’s 2013 and Apple isn’t the only game in town anymore.



Hello guys,

We are investigating the possibilities of making the app available to other platforms. :slight_smile:

Another vote for porting your iOS stuff to the portable OS that’s got the largest market share.

Yeah it might have the largest market share but thats because your adding in all the crap budget phones people have.

I have a Galaxy Note so i’m fine but one of the problems with android is that everyones got a different device with a different version of the operating system.
I also have an iPad which I bought 2 weeks ago, the difference is clear as day to me.

iOS is the console of operating systems, you know what your programming for.
Android is the PC of operating systems and you never know how long the list of problems is going to be.

Personally I think these apps in the future should be included with a purchase of Cubase as part of the package.

Nonsense. You program for one version of Android and it’s up to people to pick a device that supports it. Just like how you code for iOS version whatever and then the same thing applies. Some upgrade some don’t.

But by all means, let’s make this into yet another Mac vs. everyone else thread instead of pushing SB to make the app for more than one platform.

It’s not mac vs anything.
It’s fact.

I use windows 7, always have an android phone, and have an ipad.
Once you own all you can compare, and more importantly understand there are many reasons why ios is always the lead platform.
Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but there’s more than a chance that by the time there is an android app it won’t be available for your device or android version.

I guess my point is that you writing this serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever if you agree that having it on the Android platform as well would be a good thing.

Oh, and I still think you’re wrong, factually.

That’s ok, I still think I’m right. So we can both be happy then :slight_smile:

When comparing ios devices with android devices be sure to include the market price, many android devices are easily 3 till 4 times cheaper. If you take a premium android tablet the difference is little also a A-brand would also help in getting a stable OS environment.
When buying the cheapest china android tablet for 140 dollars you cannot compare it to a ipad.

What about Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 and 8? Would be nice.