IC Pro for windows tablet ..... ???

if android is being a PITA to try and create the ic pro for is it not possible to make a windows version instead as i for one am dying to try the Ic pro but i will never purchase any products made by apple .


Do you mean a tablet version for Windows 8?


oh yes please that would be spot on as im anti “I” :wink:

ARe there any plans for such an apps ?

IC PRO for windows TABLET - will be very nice and promises in near feature - windows 8 is coming on very different devices and is more and more atractive with new TABLETS and ALL IN ONE computers - +1

well we are in the 3rd quarter of the year and we should be hearing something from Steinberg shortly about one or the other win 8 or android

Yes, that would be a good idea. An RT version that would work on any Windows RT and 8.1 tablet/ultrabook/netbook, heck even a desktop…

Right now you can buy a Surface RT on ebay for about $200. And I don’t think a simple app like that would require any more muscles than the original Surface can provide.