iC Pro hangs on loading a project

I’m running Cubase 6 on a MacBook Pro and have been using iC Pro for a while. After upgrading to OSX (Mavericks) I can not run iC Pro. When I start iC Pro my Cubase instance appears in the “Select your computer” dialogue but there it stucks with the cursor running. In Cubase under “Device setup / Steinberg SKI Remote” I can se my iPad listed as connected. Everything is updated to the latest version. I can connect with “Cubase IC” on my iPhone 4.
Please help! I’ve tried everything… :confused:

Since I not have found any solutions on this problem I complete this post with some more details.
If I start up Cubase but don’t load any project at all (just click “Cancel” when the project assistant asks me to chose project) and then starts iC Pro, it connects alright and I can even get the transport control to start and the counter works synchronized. As soon as I load a project, even a new empty one, the iC Pro hangs. If I click the connection button and click on my Cubase instance, it hangs as described above. Before I upgraded to Maverics everything was working fine…