IC Pro License is running out? (iMac/iPad)

i am running cubase 7.5 on an imac and cubase ic pro on an ipad air. when i bought ic pro in the app store, there was no information about any sort of license. also in the manual is no information about licensing cubase ic pro.

now every time i start cubase, i get the message that the license for cubase ic pro is going to run out in about three hours. where can i get a license for the app?


You don’t need any license for the iOS version. The license is only for Android users.
Simply ignore the error.

Is there a definitive solution for this?

It’s annoying to see that message every time.

Did you activate the Cubase iC Pro Android trial license on the eLicenser Control Center? iOS users don’t need this license. Activating this license when you don’t need it will bring this error. If you activated this license by accident simply wait until it expires.

I guess I did (activating the trial license) even though I hadn’t had any clue. :slight_smile:
I’m on OS.

Thanks for the answer.