IC Pro Slow Sluggish on Large Projects

I have a very large template and I was wondering if others experience really slow and sluggish behavior from IC pro? It takes 1-2 minutes to load ic pro every time I open a project, then the responsiveness of cubase is sluggish over all. sometimes gets hung up on little things like changing tempo. If I disconnect there are no issues. Also closing cubase get’s stalled if ic is open. Anyone have any tips to make ic pro faster. running on most recent version of IOS 7. that may be the problem…


I’ve figured out a solution to this problem with big templates. instead of creating a computer to computer network, or just using wifi…use a wifi router but make sure the computer end is connected with a hard line. When I did this the load speed increased substantially.

Hi fantasiom,

How big is your project? How many tracks?

16 stereo audio tracks
16 mono audio tracks
16 instrument tracks
180 midi tracks
180 VST return tracks
8 FX tracks
8 Group Tracks

Hi fansasiom,

that’s big project! Which smartphone/tablet are you using?

iPad 2. iOS 7

Could you explain in detail how you hooked up the router. This sounds like the solution I’m looking for.

sure. It’s nothing special, basically just take your wireless router, we use the apple airport extreme, and you set it up like you would any wireless network. Then connect via ethernet your computer to the wireless router and then connect your iPad wirelessly (which is the only option) to the router. The idea is that you want the computer NOT to use it’s airport to connect with the iPad but a hard line that goes to the wireless router, that way it’s just the iPad that uses the wireless. Then once we had the hard line set up we moved the router closer to the iPad to make sure the wireless signal was as strong as it could be. This seems to yield quicker results on the load particularly for large templates and it’s just more reliable particularly if you move the wireless router as closer to the iPad. We’ve had it like this for months now and have been quite happy with the results. It’s not instantaneous but usually within 5-10 seconds it’s good to go.