iC Pro stops Cubase from closing

Since Version of Cubase pro 9.5.40 and now including 9.5.41 Cubase will not shut down if used with iC Pro. If I do not use iC Pro Cubase closes as normal. This is repeatable.

Steps Start Cubase and open a project
Start iC pro on iPad.
Work on project using iC Pro for transport.
Save Project etc.

All above works great.
Close iC Pro and then close cubase: Project closes but Cubase stops responding. Task manager may shut down or sometimes it even takes a reboot.
Close Cubase and then Close iC Pro. Same result as above.

Both are reproduceable and Cubase does close every time without a problem if iC Pro has not been run.

Cubase Pro 9.5.41
iC Pro latest version and ski latest version.
Audio interface Zoom Live Track L20
PC Intel i7 960 on Gigabyte X58 motherboard.
256Gig SSD for OS Win 10 home 64bit
18Gig ram
Nvidia GT 1030


But Disconnecting iC Pro, Prior to closing Cubase, fixes the issue.
I dont think you are killing the connection by just closing the app. You probly have it run in the background on your tab/phone.

Try and use the disconnect tab in iC Pro (upper right corner), before you close the app.
Or hard close the app. So it is not running in background on your tab/phone.

Ok so that worked but considering this is Steinberg’s app for there own program you would have thought they would have tested this. This is disappointing. Was absolutely fine before 9.5.40


some info here.