Hi All,

I took advantage of the Musikmesse offers today & bought Cubasis as well as IC Pro.

My question is this. I don’t have WIFI where I use my Mac Pro for my studio unless I run a very long ethernet cable…is it it possible to use an old router perhaps to set up a local network to use the remote app IC Pro? It would be very useful for me to not have to run the long cable each time I record my music as, for the most part, I do not need internet.



Ok sorry for the duplication but I found some other threads on this subject after changing my search words!

Now all I need to find out is how to set up a local LAN with an old router!


Hi Gary,

first and most simple way would be to use any wifi router and connect your laptop and and the IC Pro device to it. You do not need to be connected to the Internet for this. The router would address both devices an IP number via DHCP.

Will you use iOS or Android?



Hi, thanks for the reply.

My set up is built around a Mac Pro with a Windows 7 PC as a back up. I also do a lot of work on a Macbook. This includes such things as Chord tracks, Marker tracks, tidying audio files in the Pool. Things that do not require me to be in my studio. All of my files are saved to an online server as well as to the Mac Pro. This way I can access the files from anywhere to work on.

I will search for info on setting up a router connected to the Mac Pro.